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If you come to Tivat from Serbia, you will pass through Podgorica, Cetinje and Budva.

This is the route you can take from Serbia: Serbia ( Užice- Prijepolje – border crossing Jabuka- Pljevlja- Žabljak-Šavnik-Nikšić Lipci ( Risan) - Kotor (through the tunnel) - Tivat and Serbia (Užice- Prijepolje – border crossing Jabuka- Pljevlja- Žabljak- Šavnik- Nikšić Lipci ( Risan) - (turning to Herceg Novi) - Kamenari (ferry) - Tivat. 

From B&H you can take the new road through Trebinje – border crossing (Ilino brdo) - Lipci (Risan) - Kotor (tunnel) - Tivat or Kamenari (ferry)- Tivat.

On the way from Albania to Tivat you will pass through the towns of Ulcinj, Bar, Petrovac and Budva.

And on the way from Croatia you will pass through Herceg Novi, then there is ferry Kamenari-Lepetani and then you reach Tivat. If you want to see Boka Bay, then the rout is somewhat longer. If you take that road you will see not only Herceg Novi but also Bijela, Risan, Perast and  Kotor.

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